Presentation Skills Success Story

A team who enjoys presenting!

Here’s an example of a bespoke presentation skills project we designed and delivered for an industry recognised company, with an ethos that focuses on product, people and personality.

The client is a multi-faceted hospitality business delivering both retail and events across three iconic London venues. The personal care and attention that their people give to all their customers is paramount.


Their aim was to create memorable experiences and unrivalled events across three iconic London venues.

The business saw the opportunity to significantly improve the team’s presenting skills, as a powerful way to give a fantastic impression of the company, and to convey what they could provide for their clients. The business is built on relationships, and it’s important that their clients have an insight into the quality and friendliness that they would experience, when working with them.

The team present to prospective clients and their own employees in their daily life, and those ‘touch points are numerous. They include showing clients around, direct selling to clients, delivering hospitality, as well as staff training, meeting and briefings. Equipping them with outstanding presentation skills was the ideal outcome.

The client wanted the team to have a new confidence in public speaking.

For them, hospitality is in the blood, from a cup of coffee to a high profile event – every moment matters. It’s all about the little details; the personal care and attention that their people give to all their customers.

From sales and marketing, full event management, award-winning retail capabilities and complete operational delivery, they wanted the team to showcase their expertise in a naturally confident way.

They were looking to tap into each member of the team’s individuality, whilst still making sure the messaging was delivered in a consistent and professional way.


Our response had two key elements.

The first element was research, develop and design.


We undertook a thorough understanding of the client’s business.        As part of our preparation, we surveyed and spoke directly with all the key people.


We designed a dynamic, fun and interactive programme that would appeal to their diverse range of employees. This included their Operations Director, Sales and Marketing Team and Executive Chef.

The second element was the delivery of the programme.


We showed them how to structure presentations that engage and build rapport with audiences. Then we built on that structure to enhance their messaging through posture, gesture and movement, with plenty of practice sessions incorporated throughout. 


We first demonstrated and then practised techniques to manage nerves, so they could come across as confident and relaxed, when speaking in front of people.


We practised interactions between the speaker and the audience, so they could comfortably handle questions, contributors, and any challenges they might receive.


We advised and helped shape the language & tone of their presentations, taking them through techniques that enabled their presentation team to be fully prepared, and feel equipped to perform at their best in any context.


The presentation practice sessions were practical and relevant. They included…

  • Presenting a synopsis of the company’s history, growth story and immediate future.
  • How to walk and talk around specific areas of the business, showcasing what they could provide. This was aimed specifically at event agency staff, looking to place different styles of events.
  • Presentation on the provenance of their food.
  • Demonstrating what they do in their venues and how they do it. This was aimed at a client who was looking to partner with them as a catering company.
  • A presentation to customers about their food and drink products for a popular weekly supper club event.
  • Presentation to clients about a new stunning conference space, which was going live a couple of weeks after our programme.


The team’s confidence levels, and self-belief soared as a result of the project.

Whether it was the sales team showing a client round, a chef presenting at a supper club, a manager giving a daily briefing, or a senior manager pitching for a new venue – without exception they all came back to us to say that that they had immediately put into action the key presenting skills and techniques learnt. This helped them connect with, and build new relationships with colleagues and clients alike.

The outcome is a team who enjoy presenting.

The team are more relaxed and confident. They now actively seek out presenting opportunities, rather than shying away from them, creating memorable retail experiences and unrivalled events for the business in the process.

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After working with Babaco Media, I now feel much more confident in delivering virtual presentations to clients and colleagues.

Pharmaceuticals Client

The presentation skills workshop was very good, the coaches excellent, it has been one of the best learning experiences ever.

Arts & Culture Client

My fellow colleagues and I learnt a lot and clearly benefited from Ross and Nadine’s clarity of thought and direction.

Manufacturing Client

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