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Every project we design and deliver is different. That’s because we talk with you about your business…the individuals to be coached…the context in which they are communicating to others…and the content matter they will be conveying.

You’ll experience techniques and hear invaluable tips from coaches who are presenters and journalists. In short, you’ll be learning from people who do this for a living. We know what works, and we coach the critical skills that really make the difference.

A core component of a good leader is their ability to communicate effectively and that’s why senior leadership people and teams come to us either face-to-face or virtually.

One-to-One Coaching

One-to-one coaching helping individuals improve their performance.

This approach is ideal for individuals who:

  • Would like the focus and pace to be determined by their own goals and needs.
  • Work alone, or wish to undertake this independently.
  • Prefer the flexibility of organising personal coaching sessions around a busy timetable.
  • Have confidential topics to discuss and wish to keep their personal development more private.

We will discuss the number of initial sessions to book online or face-to-face, with the flexibility to add sessions in the future. This is particularly popular with CEOs and senior management teams.

We also provide ‘One-To-Two’ coaching. This is great for those individuals who wish to pair up with someone else, and again this is available both in-person and virtually.

One-to-One Skills Coaching

On the Spot Support

When you get to the venue or the setting for your presentation, this is where our ‘On the Spot Support’ kicks in. If you’ve done the hard work with your preparation, it’s that moment when you’re standing in situ rehearsing, that those small adjustments to your presentation and your delivery, can make all the difference to your stage presence and your confidence.

This is home territory to us, so have us there with you. ‘On the Spot Support’ is one of the most popular and valued aspects of the services we provide. This is the boost you most need, at the time you most need it.

We have provided this service for all types of live events, and we can help rehearse your presentation, speech, or entire conference programme for your meeting or live event.

‘On the Spot’ Coaching

Chairing and Facilitation

We can coach hosting and facilitation skills to your colleagues or team.

Alternatively, many of our clients ask us to facilitate and host their meetings and events for them.

Chairing and Facilitation

Online & Video Conference Coaching

Whether you prefer to work on Zoom, Skype, WebEx and GoToMeeting, or other similar platforms, if you are taking part or presenting in digital meetings, it’s vital to project a professional image.

With so many people now working from home, this calls for a whole new set-up. You will require new and different presenting skills to keep your audience fully engaged and remembering the key messages.

As well as helping you with designing and delivering content, we can also advise on backdrop, lighting and your computer’s camera position. These are the environmental factors which many don’t think about, but which give you that professional edge, every time you speak.

Video Conference Coaching / Babaco Media